Picture this, if you will …

You have a mic standing in front of you – and you have something to say. It gets put out there in front of the world. Some praise you for the good things you’ve said. Some may even clamor for more opinions out of your mouth.

Then … you get the shade – a.k.a. the hate. It could be because you breathed wrong on the episode. It could be because your voice grates on their nerves. It could be because of the opinion you may have of something that rubs people the wrong way.

Enjoy that!

Michael Smith of “ESPN SportsCenter The Six” talked about how one of his previous shows, “Numbers Never Lie.” It was nice, but it didn’t really catch on. So, after the production of his latest episode finished, Smith asked one of the producers his thoughts …

“So … what did you think of the show?”

“It was alright.”

“Alright? What do you mean?”

“It was a good show – but honestly, nothing hooks me onto watching it. I don’t love your show nor hate it.”

“So … if you don’t love the show nor hate it – what’s the problem?”

“The problem is that you need people to love what you say – and, at the same time, individuals who ‘hate watch’ your show.”

The overarching message here? Get people passionately invested in your show!

Don’t be vanilla about topics. If you know a subject matter is going to anger individuals, then you are on the right track. You just have to put it in such an entertaining fashion that they will come back and listen to more.

So – to those who hate your show … or even you … embrace it. As long as you are receiving the love, too, you have hit a nerve. Let your show spark conversation. Let your show challenge norms. Let your show explore why things shouldn’t be a certain way. Have the freedom necessary to say, “This is my show … and no one dictates the direction of it – but ME!”

Think of the many celebrities you can’t stand. Think about the many millions of people who comment on them. There is a phenomenon, here. People talk about gaining those devotees who love your show. Naturally invite those who do not like your show, as well. Why? Because they, too, will probably share your show to others as examples, to them, of what not to think/say/feel/emote.

Whether your audience 100% agrees with you – or 100% disagrees with you – one thing remains clear: You can press ‘record’ and speak your mind. You can hear certain things you want to place on each episode and spice it up. You can have certain sound effects placed on your audio. You can even have your show mixed a certain way. If you have a high-pitched voice, you need more bass in it. If you have a deep tone to your voice, a little treble will give it some lightness. If you want your show to have an AM feel, don’t place a noise reduction effect on it. If you want your show to have an FM feel, use noise reduction. However it is you go about your show … it – is – yours!

You influence it.

You shape it.

You define it.

You guide it.

You voice it.

You OWN it!

Now … show the world who you are and what you can do with the power of your voice!


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