We take away the fear that many podcasters have about getting started by helping you

  • setup your website,
  • get your podcasting hosting provider,
  • get listed on itunes and major feeds,

We’ll also show you great places to create graphics that attract audience and more, to help you with a stress-free launch.


Premium Podcasting Package – You record your show, upload it to us and we:

Review entire recording & edit out unwanted parts (up to 30 minutes of RAW audio)*

Edit/Mix/Master service

Audio-production enhancements, including equalization, dynamic balancing, & background noise reduction

Master audio level in requirement with audio broadcast standards

Mix in Intro & Outro

Mix to high quality MP3 & add ID3 Tags

Upload final audio to shared Dropbox folder

Upload it to your hosting platform

$140 per episode or $400 per month (60 minutes of finished production per week)*

*Additional minutes can be contracted


Consulting & Other Services

In addition to our post production services, we offer individual consultations that can include but are not limited to the following topics:

Starting a Podcast

We will walk through everything you need to get started. We will also setup your hosting and RSS feed and submit your show to iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. Here’s a great post if you want to DIY.

Recording equipment selection

We will walk you through different options for equipment packages including hardware and software choices to help you get started with your recording. Want to do it on your own? This resource can help.

Monetizing your Podcast

Once you’ve decided on a particular equipment package, launched your podcast you’ll want it to be successful. This is a great blog post on creating revenue from your podcast.

Marketing and Promotion

After you have created this amazing podcast, you have to grow your audience.  This is the management we use.


Need podcast help or have a question for us?

We would love to talk more about how you can focus on the vision for your podcast and we take care of the editing, production and other related questions or challenges.

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