For any time of year, podcasters are in search for the right gifts to make what they do sound even better. They also are looking for things to make their product look better, as well.

Here are the ten (OK, 11 – we snuck in one extra item) items every podcaster would love to have in their arsenal:

Mic Boom Arm
With the ease of mounting it on a table or desk edge, your podcaster will feel like a professional on-air personality in the comfort of their own living room or bed room. Plus, if he/she does YouTube videos, the BLENDX arm has a phone clip for YouTube videos, Facebook lives and Periscopes. At $15, your podcaster will have the set up others would model in no time.

Every podcaster needs a microphone, and one of the most powerful tools when it comes to mics is the Audio Technica ATR2100. It has XLR capabilities (so you can hook it up to a mixer) and also USB capabilities (so you can plug it up to a laptop). For roughly $65 – it is a great price for a product that will give your podcaster the quality professional sound he/she seeks.

Audio Mixer
When your podcaster is on the go and has to perform an on-location show, he/she could set up multiple mics and get the right levels. Plus, with the Behringer XENYX 1202FX, $100 would get you in the game with a top-notch mixer. Also – if your podcaster hangs with others, this will facilitate an even sound with multiple people in the same space.

Portable Recorder
This tool captures magic away from a podcater’s home. The Zoom H6 is the on-location masterpiece. At $350, six tracks at one time can be captured. It also can be downloaded in mp3 format. Podcasters love easy functionality, and audio that can easily be captured – and this tool will serve those purposes.

Mic Flag
When you see symbols of on-air personalities or podcasters, there is a marker showing the logo of their show or their station. It is called a mic flag – and it gives a look of an authority figure on the microphone. Well, you can give them a mic flag for them to decorate as they so desire for $8! This stamp of approval will make your podcaster love you forever.

Digital Camera
Your podcaster may have designs on shooting videos of their live performances, YouTube videos and public speaking engagements. If so, this is the thing to give him/her. At around $600 – your podcaster will be well on his/her way to being a sensation with videos being produced to extend their brand. All serious podcasters desire to have this.

Lapel Mic
When doing Facebook Lives, Periscopes and other video, this lapel mic does the trick. It reduces the natural ambiance echo a viewer hears when watching a video sans a mic presence. This is a really good gift idea, and at $11, it is a valuable tool both you, and your podcaster, would love. They will be heard up close and personal with videos.

Gel Wrist Pad
In operating your mouse during times where your podcaster asks questions to an interviewer or scrolling for content, the wrist can be rather overexposed. It can get some rest with a gel wrist pad. Your wallet also would get a little rest from this purchase, a swell. At $6, your podcaster will be scrolling his/her way in style and comfort with this underrated apparatus.

Pop Filter/Wind Screen
Plosives are one of the podcaster’s worst enemies. Ease his/her concerns forever with a wind screen or pop filter. He/she will be able to say b/d/f/g/j/p/s/t and other powerful wind-generating words/expressions without the fear of holding back saying them. For the same price as the gel wrist pad, the plosives will be a thing of the past.

Mic Foam Ball
Should your podcaster speak on the road, or can’t get around using a pop filter, then you can get him/her a mic foam ball to place on the head of his/her microphone. Your podcaster will love you forever. For under $2, you will help your podcaster speak in style – and you can still get that cup of coffee in the morning.

If you and/or your podcaster want to listen to any audio with style, sophistication and class, then Sudio is the place. The Regent headphones (in black or white) is sound quality personified. At a value of $100 (the going rate for quality headphones), use the promo code “COLE” at checkout to save an extra 15% off your purchase.

These products will make your favorite podcaster smile both on the inside and outside – and put him/her in a position to make a better overall brand and product. These are all the gifts for a podcaster that keeps on giving all year long.


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